DrChrono partner Fullscript hosted a webinar earlier this year around the booming interest in health supplements and how to implement supplement dispensing into your practice. Here are some key takeaways from their presentation.

Growing Demand for Health Alternatives

The demand for supplements is here, and it’s growing. A NBJ 2020 Supplement Business report indicated a 12.7% spike in sales across the nutritional supplement industry in 2020. This notable boost makes it clear that consumers are making their personal health a priority. Moreover, interest is burgeoning in alternative approaches to health and wellness from traditional pharmaceutical products.

Patients have increasingly sought…

In December 2020, the CY 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule update arrived. With it came a bevy of changes including a higher performance threshold for performance year 2021, differently weighted MIPS performance categories and the introduction of the Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APM) Performance Pathway. In 2022, practitioners can likely expect to see initiatives like the MIPS Value Pathways and the sunsetting of the CMS Web Interface.

DrChrono has raised a new round of over $12 million in growth capital from ORIX Corporation’s Growth Capital team (ORIX Growth Capital).

The new funding from ORIX Corporation will be used to expand the telehealth offerings on the DrChrono platform. Additionally, the funding will help expand all operations and provide enhancements across our other key product areas including EHR, practice management, medical billing and the company’s core partner API.

DrChrono has experienced tremendous growth in the last year, especially as telehealth became a priority for providers and patients during the pandemic. In March 2021, we launched an all-in-one telehealth app…

Communication norms are constantly shifting, and patient communications are no exception. In the health tech space, that’s led to the emergence of a variety of practice management software features ranging from telemedicine platforms to patient communication services.

In our webinar with Podium’s director of healthcare strategy, Marcello Gasperini, we examined how patient engagement is changing, how to utilize secure messaging to improve your communication strategy, and more. We’ll cover the highlights in this blog, but we definitely encourage you to check out the full webinar for a complete picture.

Why It’s Critical to Adopt Text Messaging in Your Practice


DrChrono has updated its medical platform to allow patients to share important and relevant information with their DrChrono provider directly from the Apple Health app with iOS 15. Beginning this fall, patients whose providers use DrChrono will be able to share certain types of data — such as heart rate, detected falls, hours of sleep, exercise minutes, labs, and more — in a secure and private way, allowing them to have more informed, meaningful conversations with their doctor.

“Providers need to have a complete picture of their patients’ medical information, and that includes individual data patients hold from other institutions…

We recently spoke with Nick Desai, the former CEO of Heal, to learn more about his experience starting Heal with his wife Dr. Renee Dua, his thoughts on value-based care, healthcare inequality and so much more. We transcribed some highlights from the conversation here, but we highly encourage you to listen to the whole episode here.

You co-founded Heal with your wife, Dr. Renee Dua; can you tell us about her background and why you decided to start a company together?

Renee and I got married about 13 years ago. We have three wonderful little kids together, and her background…

DrChrono’s open FHIR API now allows for the secure transfer of patients’ available health records from the OnPatient personal health record (PHR) into the Apple Health app, streamlining the process of accessing personal medical data for patients who are using both OnPatient and iPhone.

“You go into the Apple Health app, you search for a participating provider, you type in your OnPatient authentication credentials, and then patients are able to easily view their available medical records, next to the rest of their health data,” Daniel Kivatinos, COO and co-Founder of DrChrono said.

Privacy and security are key priorities when it…

We recently spoke with Derek Kren, VP of Business Development at Inferscience, to understand how COVID-19 will likely affect long-term health and what that means for Medicare Advantage reimbursements and provider funding. Get a brief understanding of HCC risk adjustment and coding technology in 2021, or you can check out the full webinar here.

What is Risk Adjustment & HCC Coding?

Risk adjustment refers to the variety of methods used by the federal government, such as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and other health plans to offset the cost of providing health insurance for individuals who represent a relatively…

In our latest interview, Miles Bassin from FlexScanMD discusses their inventory management system and the importance of integrating well with EHR software. Read the highlights about the founding of their company, the overview of the integration and why dependable inventory management software can benefit any practice with inventory to dispense.

Tell us about what FlexScanMD is and a little bit about what you do there.

FlexScanMD is a web-based inventory management software. Our company helps medical practices of various sizes manage their inventory across a broad spectrum of their needs. My role within the company is very simple. …

Eugene Borukhovic is a healthcare industry veteran, holding roles that run the gamut from big pharma leadership to digital health startup executive. In this episode of On the Health Record, he breaks down his extensive career history as well as his exciting work with YourCoach Health. You can find the whole podcast here, or you can read the highlights below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got where you are today as the chief operating officer of YourCoach Health as well as advising digital health companies.

My career up until now was born out of an…


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