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  • Amy Romano

    Amy Romano

    Midwifing the system. CEO at Primary Maternity Care.

  • Joe Babaian

    Joe Babaian

    Co-Moderator #HCLDR | Focus on #HealthIT #Advocacy #PtExp | Fired up about shaping the conversation | #pinksocks | LinkedIn:

  • Vic Berggren

    Vic Berggren

    Husband, Dad, MCP, C#.Net/SQL geek. GCI CIO - Helping my company get an edge on our competitors. I'm a PC learning MonoTouch, Objective-C and Cocoa Touch.

  • Teo Zanella

    Teo Zanella

    Product Exec | Advisor | Coach | All views are my own

  • Melissa Thompson

    Melissa Thompson

    CEO | TalkSession | Healthcare Tech Innovator | Mental Health Advocate | Journalist | Quantified Self Enthusiast | | Word Nerd

  • Stunning for Stripe

    Stunning for Stripe

    Stunning helps you to fix your @Stripe failed payments, and adds many other useful features to your @Stripe account. Made by @rfelix!

  • Shep


    PM by day, design obsessed, love music, cooking & all things art, ask why often, passionate climber, road/mtn biker & skier & MBA grad-CU Leeds; @afterhoursanon

  • Jessica Striebich

    Jessica Striebich

    Service Design | Research | Strategy

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